Cenium Core –
the most flexible, versatile and complete hospitality fulfillment software

The Cenium Core range of hospitality fulfillment solutions is built on a modern platform, provided on-premise or hosted by Cenium, and consists of four key products with complementary add-on solutions, all based on a common set of functions and features. This enables any hotelier to seamlessly serve their guests, with staff operating in familiar environments, whether it is about room reservations, conferences, selling items or handling spa appointments

Hospitality Solutions

Cenium Core hospitality solutions cover PMS, Sales & Catering, Activities & Spa, Tickets & Rental. In short, everything a complex hospitality operation needs.

Cenium Core
general features

Whether you use all Cenium Core products, or maybe only PMS or Sales & Catering, you benefit from an integrated, open and modern platform, Cloud based or on-premise. With shared resources and a common user interface, you can easily increase revenue by selling any product or package throughout the guest journey, and easy integrations with any third party solution gives you full flexibility and control.
  • Integrated Contact, Loyalty and Reward Management
  • Dynamic Pricing and Packaging
  • Channel Management
  • Dashboard, Widgets and integrated Reporting
  • Multiproperty Sales & Management
  • API and Integrations
  • Finance Integrations

Cenium Core

With a highly versatile and dynamic PMS solution, you can easily configure the solution to handle complex multi-property group bookings and similarly the fast processing of single reservation check-in or check out processes. With Add-Ons such as Housekeeping UX with apps for all housekeeping staff, Front Desk UX enabling front-desk operations on any web browser and Cenium FastTrack enabling self-service check-in and check-out.

  • Front Desk Operations
  • Reservations and Folio Management
  • Group Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Task Engine

Cenium Core
Sales & Catering

From selling single meeting rooms or setting up complex conferences, Cenium Core Sales & Catering is template based and adaptable, so your hospitality staff can easily sell and manage conferences and events. Integrating with Cenium PMS and Activities, the solutions gives a full overview of the whole guest journey for all conference delegates

  • Conference and Event Booking
  • Staff dispatch
  • Single company or multi company (trade fairs) conferences

Cenium Core
Activities & Spa

Handle all activities, whether spa treatments, fitness classes or pool access, sold separately, added to room folios during the stay, or offered up front as packages, Cenium Core Activities & Spa gives a unique opportunity to increase the total revenue per guest.
  • Activity Pricing and Packaging
  • Individual Activity Booking
  • Group Activity Booking
  • Resource and Availability Management
  • Competence and Certifications

Cenium Core
Tickets & Rental

If your hospitality property offers rentals, for instance bike, ski or beach umbrellas, or whether you handle tickets for ski lifts or pool access, this module easily handles the setup and provisioning.

  • Ticket and Season pass sales
  • Allowances and redemption process
  • Self service kiosk and ticket printing
  • Rentals
  • Waiver and sales restrictions

Cenium Core

The Cenium Add-Ons provides additional benefits and advantages, most of them operating across the four product areas. Whether you want a simple Hospitality POS where you can easily upsell, provide activities or sell a simple drink from the front-desk, or whether you want a self service solution in the reception area, or you need a tight integration with you finance solution, it is worth checking out the Cenium Core Add-On solutions.

  • ERP Connector
  • Housekeeping App
  • FrontDesk App
  • Analytics Model
  • Standard Integrations
  • Hospitality POS
  • Self Service
  • Home Owner