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Cenium Hospitality Solutions

Take care of your guests, and let Cenium take care of the technology.

The Cenium Hospitality Solutions are developed to ensure the right configuration and adaptation to your business processes. Whether you want a unified platform with all hospitality solutions aligned, or just a great PMS or Sales & Catering solution, Cenium works for you. 

Before Cenium

With Cenium

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Modern solution

Cenium is based on the Microsoft .NET technology framework, enabling security, flexibility and high performance, on premise or in the cloud.

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Shared data

The Cenium Hospitality Solutions share the same customer, price, availability and reservations data across the entire suite of offerings, from PMS to Sales & Catering and Activities.

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Increased revenue

Increase revenue by selling any product or package throughout the guest journey.

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Easy integrations

The Cenium suite easily integrates with any relevant third party solutions required, so that you have a complete suite of solutions, all aligned and working together.

Cenium Core Hospitality

Cenium Core Hospitality includes everything needed to run a property or several properties, covering PMS, Sales & Catering, Lifestyle for SPA & Activities plus Lifestyle for Ticketing & Rentals. Sharing the same data, same user interface, same processes and same availability set-up, you can easily drive a seamless guest journey, support up-selling and cross-selling across your property.

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Cenium Pms

Comprehensive and flexible

Decide how you want to run your business.

Simple and intuitive

Teach your staff in a matter of hours.

Device independent and mobile

Serve your guests where you want.

Supports check-in/out the way you decide

Mobile, online, self-service or counter.

Complex distribution strategies

Through all available channels.

Setup dynamic packages

Finetune the guest’s stay.

Standard or tailor-made dashboards

To each of your staff, empowering you to deliver relevant and timely information and service to your guest.

Embedded task engine

Facilitate communication with all your departments and staff.
Store any document and connect it to your guest or reservation.

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Cenium Sales & Catering

Simple to complex booking

From booking a meeting room to managing a multi-day complex conference or trade show.

Booking templates

For easy and quick booking.

Manage all resources at the same time

Manage and book/block hotel rooms, function space, F&B, AV and all other resources.

Import delegates and check-in/out, allocate rooms etc.

On a group level.

Group overviews and BEOs

Facilitate planning and execution in all departments.

Payment routing

Allow for PayMaster and/or delegate payment for different services and items.

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Cenium Lifestyle for SPA and Wellness

Manage all property lifestyle activities

Such as table reservations for your restaurants, Spa’s, Golf Courses.

Create unique packages

Easily package any service or activity with a room.

Real-time resource availability

Availability check when booking.

Optimize work schedules

For your therapists or staff.

Competencies and certifications

Manage necessary staff competencies and certifications.

Payment through Integrated HPOS

Take payment through integrated Cenium HPOS or charge to room for staying guests.

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Cenium Lifestyle for Tickets and Rental

Complex equipment rental

Handle complex equipment rental such as skies, snowboards and mountain bikes.

Match available equipment

Cenium Lifestyle can consider the guest’s height, weight and experience and match this up with available equipment.

Manage the processing of waivers

Flexible pricing and packaging options

Manage a wide variety of ticket sale

Cenium Lifestyle manages a wide variety of ticket sale options. All from season passes to single tickets.

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Cenium Analytics

Cenium Analytics provides a business lens into operational data so that our users get a real-time, actionable, robust and role-based view on all relevant domains within their establishment.


Access all operational data directly when they occur at any of the properties.


Access to all information from Cenium allows you to drive actions based on data.

Flexible & Robust

Easily design and modify all reports and dashboards to personalize your experience and get quick insights to drive your business forward.


Restrict access to information based on groups within the organization

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