Cenium Core

The Cenium Add-Ons provide additional benefits and advantages, most of them operating across the four product areas. Whether you want a Hospitality POS where you can easily upsell, provide activities or sell a drink from the front-desk, or whether you want a self service solution in the reception area, or you need a tight integration with you finance solution, it is worth checking out the Cenium Core Add-On solutions.


Cenium Hospitality ERP Connector

Cenium Hospitality ERP Connector is a Microsoft Dynamics Add-on that provides a smooth integration between the Cenium Core Hospitality suite of solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With The Cenium Hospitality ERP Connector, you get full control and minimum hassle in your integration between Cenium Core and Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Synchronize real-time Master Data between your MS Business Central solution and your Cenium PMS, Sales & Catering or Activities, Tickets and Rental. This includes Items, Customers, Contacts and Currency exchange rates
  • Import finalized statements, sales documents and invoices, for example checked-out room reservation, into your Microsoft Finance system. With an additional tracking-ID, this this ensures traceability and relevant audit trails

Cenium UX Front Desk

Light weight flexible Front Desk solution anyone can use with zero training

Cenium UX Front Desk is a web-browser enabled user interface created with the front desk staff in mind, so that all daily front-desk tasks are done in an intuitive and smart interface. This means zero formal training required. The simplified front-desk reservation workflows minimize the navigational time.

The solution is HTML-based, to run on any web browser, any device, desktop PC, laptop or tablet.


  • Group and individual bookings
  • Guest Check-in, Check-out, change and upgrade rooms, update guest profiles
  • Effortless payments, manage folios, print invoices, foreign currency conversions
  • Dashboard with vital information, Color coded references, ease of use with drag and drop
  • Lost and Found features, schedule maintenance jobs
  • Complete integration with housekeeping
  • Detailed reports

Cenium UX Housekeeping

Streamline the housekeeping work schedules for Housekeeping Agents and Managers

Cenium UX Housekeeping manages and streamlines all the housekeeping tasks at a property in the most effective and efficient manner. The Manager has control over the services as they can plan and view status updates online, real-time. The housekeeping Agents can report their work in progress instantly from an app on their smartphones or tablet. The Front Desk Staff get immediate notifications about available rooms, allowing them to create faster check-in without interrupting housekeeping workflows.

Configuration is done in the Cenium PMS module, where entities such as property, contracts, room types are used to set up the best possible and flexible cleaning templates.

The solution is HTML-based, to run on any web browser, any device, desktop PC, laptop or tablet.

  • Dedicated management screen to assist managers in the making of  key decisions
  • Mobile app available through web browser makes life easy for both attendants and inspectors
  • Drag and drop interface that allows to assign rooms easy and quick
  • Direct updates from and for reservations
  • Lost and Found feature, schedule maintenance jobs
  • Flexible algorithms for assigning rooms and jobs
  • A comprehensive process for planning the future work of housekeepers

Cenium Standard Integrations

With Cenium Standard Integrations Add-On, you have a well-proven integration with industry leading hospitality third-party solutions. 

Cenium has done the integration, testing and validation of these specific integrations and the implementation is therefore fast and easy to setup. 


  • Already validate integration minimizes implementation time and – efforts
  • With this license, Cenium will ensure confirmation with future releases and support as part of Maintenance and Support agreement
  • XSLT translation of messages to / from Cenium Coe Hospitality
  • Custom made actions
  • Event and Schedule driven

Cenium Hospitality POS

Hospitality Point of Sale enabling direct and cross sell throughout all products and services – A new take on what a point of sale is and can be for the hospitality marked


Cenium Hospitality Point of Sale is designed with integration and easy sales flow in mind. It incorporates all sellable products of Cenium Core, such as Tickets, Rentals, Activities and Retail Items. You get automatic population of products defined throughout the application without having to configure the point of sale.

  • Fully automatic population of sellable products with sales restrictions
  • Ten levels of inherited Custom attributes of any sellable products
  • Customizable look and feel with virtual or static layout supporting unlimited nested menus
  • Support for security groups and sales flow restrictions
  • Revenue recognition with consumption date, transaction date, calendar, also supporting room charge where traceability is integrated with ERP Connector for easier tracking of financial transactions
  • Combination of Hospitality POS and PMS booking flow for call centers to sell any combination of sellable products and packages
  • Highly customizable discount, tax and dynamic pricing rules. Including complex packaging, campaigns and overrides
  • Very easy allowance and redemption processes including self service ticket printing. Supporting advanced rules of redemption and

Cenium Self Service

Enabling guests to check in or check out themselves 

To reduce front desk queues and save time, allow guests to do their own check in and check out.

With the solution build on Apple iOS, it can easily be used on relevant Apple iPhone or iPad.

With flexibility, the hospitality group can customize the screen to add relevant logos or other identifiable objects.

Save time, and let the guest check in and checkout in the reception The guest enters full name and number of days to check. To check out, the guest needs to enter last name, and room number. No need to speak to the people in the reception

  • Check in; the guest enter full name and days of staying.
  • Check out; the guest enter last name and room number
  • Handles payments, for instance by credit card, integrated with the same payment terminal as used elsewhere with at the property with Cenium Core Hospitality PMS
  • Create keycard, integrates with the same keycard terminals as used in the front desk,
  • After a check in, the guest will receive a SMS or email with room number

Cenium Home Owner

Track owner unit revenue and fees and manage owner ledger and transfer to accounts payable

Cenium Home Owner Add-On enables rooms/accommodation in a managed building / property to be owned by one or more external owners and in turn the owner can decide to make their room/accommodation available in general availability with rent release.

The module tracks all incoming revenue for payout to owners and allows the property to add transaction based, recurring and usage fees. Owner ledger management allows the property to have full visibility and tracking of all the financial transaction that are needed for homeowner operations.

  • Contract Management / Inventory Management
  • Owner / Owner Statement and Contract Calendar Management
  • Transaction based, recurring and usage fee configuration
  • Full Owner Ledger Accounting Management and Distribution Management
  • Pooling of rooms / accommodation to split revenue generated on multiple units in the same pool.
  • Ability to directly transfer charges to owner accounts payable accounts from owner reservations
  • Accounting transfer to Accounts Payable / Owner Statements