Cenium Core

With a highly versatile and dynamic PMS solution, you can easily configure the solution to handle complex multi-property group bookings including efficient and fast reservation check-in and check out processes.  Add-Ons enhances the solution further.  Housekeeping UX including apps for all housekeeping staff, Front Desk UX enables front-desk operations on any web browser and Cenium FastTrack enables self-service check-in and check-out for the guests.


Front Desk Operations

  • Fast Check-in and out processes
  • Intuitive Dashboard Overview, Property Status and Room-By-Room Status
  • Manage all booked components in a reservation in one place from all Cenium products, including Tickets, Activities, waivers and more
  • Reservation management in Tape Chart View
  • Guest based Overview, to see current / old (reservation / rentals / tickets / activities / allowances) With Quick One Click Access to Records
  • Reservations based by Status or All with quick filtering and search
  • Requalify, move, assign, upgrade or cross sell with a single “easy to use” dialog. 
  • Easy Upsell / Upgrade 
  • Assign Rooms Automatically Based on Guest Preferences or search for the features desired or room location
  • Creating shares with just a click

Reservations and Folio Management

  • Automatic folio routing based on templates or manual configuration
  • Unlimited number of folios and advanced folio handling
  • Sell additional products and make room type upsell during booking process.
  • Setup and sell advanced packages with rooms, activities, and retail items
  • Dynamically price rooms and items based on rate management or contracts as well as promotions and discount setup

Group Management

  • Perform actions on multiple reservations in one action (Check-In / Check-Out and Room Assignment) 
  • Quick Import of Guest lists
  • Create multiple room reservations and configure each one separately when needed.
  • Quickly, manually- or auto assign multiple rooms and possibility to filter on desired features and locations.
  • Quickly Add Items separately or schedule based to all reservations.
  • Manage Discount on all reservations in the group in one action.
  • Route specific Line types to Paymaster Folios based on rules
  • Assign other reservations, orders or groups as parents and then move charges to settle multiple reservations / orders on the parent in one action.


  • Manage staff and stations with easy drag and drop 
  • Generate cleaning plan in night audit
  • Inspection plan and room status management
  • Forecasting based on actual reservation flow
  • Automatic service assignment based on setup
  • View, maintain and track attendant points

NOTE: With Cenium Housekeeping UX Add On solution, the user interfaces for Housekeeping managers and attendants are greatly enhanced – see more under Cenium Core Add Ons


  • Easily create work orders based on tasks. Tasks can then be assigened to teams or staff.
  • Create tasks for the organization easily with templates directly from the front desk
  • Manage Dispatching of individual tasks and workflow management with escalation rules and automatic assignment