Cenium Core integrates with anything, any way preferred

Cenium Core is built on a modern platform. That enables flexible, simple and safe ways to integrate with other systems. Implement the already proven Standard Integrations, build your own with the documented open APIs , use Cenium Channel Management to quickly build distribuition or Cenium ERP Connector to seamlessly integrate with your finance system. Or configure the available packages already developed in the Cenium Integration Service – CIS.   

Whatever integration needed, Cenium Core helps in an easy and secure way. 

Open APIs and Public Gateway

WIth a rich set of available APIs provided through the Cenium Public Gateway server, there is unlimited flexibility in using and interacting with Cenium Core

  • Well documented
  • Supports Passthrough or Gateway User Security
  • Set up to only expose relevant APIs

Cenium ECommerce

Specific set of out-of-the-box APIs enabling promotion, selling, booking and consuming ALL relevant products at the property.

Set up with web site or custom-made app.

  • Pass on availability of all sellable and bookable products and packages
  • Receive orders and place as reservations
  • Change or modify the orders indefinitely

Cenium Integration Services - CIS

Light message broker and service bus providing message validation, transformation and routing in an asynchronous or syncronous structure.  

  • Configurable platform for message handling
  • Integrated handling of message flows, routing, priorities, throttling and scheduling
  • Range of configurable Actions (building blocks) provided through separate client

Cenium Channel Management

Pushing room availability, restrictions and pricing to external booking systems and receiving reservations back to Cenium Core

  • Follow OTA standards
  • For OTAs, channel managers, CRS an any sales channels
  • Easy set-up

Standard Integrations

WIth the Cenium Standard Integrations, we provide an out-of-the box solution with selected partners. This means minimum setup time, proven and safe integration. The below list is only a subset, contact Ceniuym for further details.