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«Cenium has been the hospitality platform for the Nordic Choice hotels since 2001. “We are extremely pleased with the flexibility, support and help we get from the Cenium organization”, says CEO Torgeir Silseth. “Most recently we needed adaption to handle keyless access, which required changes in the underlying PMS solution. The agile approach from Cenium provided a solution to enable this within weeks”, he continues. “Cenium provides the Property Management Solution for the 190 hotels and 15 000 employees of Nordic Choice, as well as Sales & Catering and Spa-solutions when needed. This serves the different needs shaping their brands and enables Nordic Choice to deliver world class guest experiences”. He concludes; “The cooperation and agility from Cenium enables us to realize our digital potential”.

Torgeir Silseth

CEO, Nordic Choice Hotels

"The biggest opportunity we see with Cenium is the long term cost reduction. Cenium delivers a very quick ROI. And, if we want to do a resortwide initiative, we can do it at 20 percent of the cost because we aren’t involving four to five different vendors. In addition, development time is considerably reduced. Cenium delivers custom funtionality overnight vs. three to six months for other vendors to produce the same thing. Cenium is the absolute best solution for Blue Mountain Resort and its available today at a fraction of the cost of what we have been paying to multiple vendors."

John Gowers,
Ex-CIO, Blue Mountain

"Having evaluated numerous solutions and undertaking a rigorous selection process, Cenium’s ERP solution is delivering a completely new and refreshing solution to the hospitality market. The richness in the product suite, coupled with the strength and industry expertise of the Cenium team were the driving reasons for our decision.” said Ken Fasnacht, Director of Finance of Silver Reef."

Ken Fasnacht,
Director of Finance, Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa

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