Cenium Core
Sales & Catering

Integrated with Cenium PMS and Activities, the solution gives a full overview of the  guest journey. Selling a single meeting room or setting up complex conferences, Cenium Core Sales & Catering is template based and adaptable, ensuring that your hospitality staff can easily sell and manage conferences and events. 


Conferences and Event Booking

  • Easy overview for all active conferences, including great search options.
  • Manage complex trade fairs using multiple folios and lodging groups.
  • With templates you can quickly build your conferences and events.
  • Events Overview and Dynamic resource overview
  • Detail dashboards gives overview ongoing conferences and events
  • Flexible packaging feature allowing charging to groups or individuals.
  • Rate package feature allows bundling with lodging and activities.
  • Supports multi group conferences and folios
  • Manage of guest rooms and blocks from a single screen.
  • Cost driven conferences where cost of goods are visable.
  • Sellable via Cenium Hospitality POS Add On solution

Staff dispatch

  • Flexible BEO handling.
  • Easy task and dispatch with escalation profiles. Individual conference staff responsibility overview (conference role center).
  • F&B menus, items and event resource handling.
  • Serving departments and serving group for easy department planning.