About us

Why we are in the hospitality business

Our mission at Cenium is to enable hotel groups to proactively and seamlessly manage their customers. Providing for a seamless guest journey, relevant staff interactions and real-time insights, the hotelier can optimize the business opportunities with minimum hassle.

What we value

Owned by a hotelier and built by a hotelier, Cenium focus on building value for the hotel owners and hotel managers.

To help hoteliers optimize their business and deliver great guest experiences, we at Cenium must be extremely clear on what is important for us as well. We call it our Cenium Five C’s;

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Customer value

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We work in a collaborative and open way, where we get clarity on facts before deciding and executing.

We commit to deliver as promised, always striving to create customer value.

We celebrate achievements and successes, because every continuous improvement is important.

About us

Born in the business, built in the business

Cenium is owned by Strawberry Group. They also own the Nordic Choice Hotels in the Nordics. 196 hotel properties with 16 500 hotel employees.

Cenium has been the hospitality core solution for the Nordic Choice hotels since 2003.

Cenium is therefore born and built in the hospitality business.

Petter Stordalen

Petter A. Stordalen

Owner of Strawberry, Nordic Choice and Cenium

Who we are

With 75 hospitality-driven colleagues in Europe and North America, Cenium is committed to take care of the technology, so you can take care of the guests.