Cenium is an integrated system of modules that can be used separately or in combination to form a total information platform for your hospitality business. Cenium is integrated and optimized with Microsoft Dynamics, but can easlily be used with other financial systems. This unified approach to information management provides the industry with a single solution where all operational data is integrated. Information thus flows seamlessly from one department to the next and allows simultaneous access by all users via a common user interface.



Fresh and relevant information can be vital for your company’s operational excellence with today’s ever increasing competition. Cenium delivers fresh, relevant and up to the second information. Managers have “live” status of their business and can easily monitor what is going on in the property. Cenium offers special management overview features that helps managers run their property.


Most of today’s hospitality systems can be described as interface oriented. Hotels and resorts are using multiple systems on separate databases with numerous interfaces so the systems can run together. This calls for a number of service partners and possible conflicts if something goes wrong. Cenium delivers an integrated system. You only need one service partner and one service number.

Cenium Property Management (PMS) provides you with a comprehensive feature set to manage all business processes required to operate an individual property or multiple properties in a chain, including hotels, conference properties or resorts.  Cenium Property Management can be utilized as a stand-alone module or as an integrated module within the Cenium Suite providing you with one solution for managing lifestyle activities or conferences and events without the pain of multiple systems and user interfaces.

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Cenium Property Management gives you the option of operating in a single property mode or a multi property mode. Furthermore, Cenium enables you to easily manage your channel strategy handling your direct distribution through own call centers or property/company website and your indirect distribution through travel agencies and online booking channels.

Cenium Property Management helps you to manage your most important asset – the guest. Guest cards provide you with all relevant information about your guest – guest contact information, guest preferences, loyalty programs, memberships, past- and future stays etc. are readily available through the solution.

Cenium Property Management gives you a number of options to manage the traditional Front Desk operations, whether you are looking at deploying automated check-in/-out kiosks or mobile device check–in/-out capabilities. Processes well supported industry standard hospitality interfaces such as access control systems, in room entertainment systems, signage systems etc.

Cenium Property Management supports group bookings as well as individual bookings. Furthermore, Cenium provides you with the capability of defining dynamic packages with sophisticated package breakage and allowances. Cenium provides you with all the required flexibility for managing rates and restrictions. Within our room management module, you can handle all aspects of availability, housekeeping and guest service management.

Cenium Lifestyle brings you the ability to efficiently manage all property lifestyle activities such as table reservations for your restaurants, SPA’s, Golf Courses, fitness clubs, equipment rental, lessons or ticketing just to mention a few. In addition to run Cenium Lifestyle as a stand-alone module, Cenium Lifestyle is also tightly integrated with the rest of the Cenium Suite, so staying guests can easily add lifestyle activities to their room booking and enjoy your full service offering. Cenium Lifestyle offers you endless possibilities to expand your property services without the pain of multiple systems and user interfaces.

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Cenium Lifestyle provides you with efficient tools to manage and schedule all type of resources such as employees, rooms and equipment. You can easily add, move or cancel appointments and the system will in real time check your defined business rules to verify availability, guest preferences, skills, pricing etc. Payments are handled through Cenium’s fully integrated Point of Sale software or you can easily add the charges to a staying guest’s folio.

Cenium Lifestyle also handles more complex equipment rental such as skies, snowboards and mountain bikes where the guests height, weight and experience must be matched up with available equipment in order to provide the guest with a safe and enjoyable experience. Managing the processing of waivers is also handled with ease through Cenium Lifestyle.

For many of Cenium’s customers, ticket sales is a significant part of their revenue stream. Cenium Lifestyle manages a wide variety of ticket sale options all from season passes to single tickets. Through Cenium partners, we can also provide solutions to handle gate access control.

Cenium Sales & Catering provides you with a comprehensive feature set to manage all business processes required for booking, managing and executing conferences and other events. In addition to run Cenium Sales & Catering as a stand-alone module, Cenium Sales & Catering is also tightly integrated with the rest of the Cenium Suite, so you can easily offer your conference guests life style activities or lodging needs without the pain of multiple systems and user interfaces.

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Cenium Sales & Cateringis designed to increase customer satisfaction through all phases of a conference – booking, scheduling, re-scheduling, execution and billing. Automated coordination between conference and kitchen ensures availability of F&B, inventory and cost analysis. Simultaneous booking of hotel rooms, conference rooms and meals secures availability from every department playing part in the complex process of arranging a conference.

Cenium Sales & Catering gives managers a unique way of controlling all processes required for their properties. At the same time, the system allows all conference personnel to do their daily work within one uniform application.

Cenium mProducts contain a wide range of mobility capabilities. With Cenium mProducts you can remove all manual processes associated to managing your housekeeping processes, reporting mini bar consumption and restocking, janitor tasks, guest services and even the whole front desk operation – and you can do it all from your mobile device.

Cenium mProducts are of course tightly integrated with the rest of the Cenium Suite.

LS Retail and Cenium have worked closely together for more than 15 years to bring our customers superior retail- and Food & Beverage (F&B) Point of Sales (POS) solutions. LS Retail is being delivered worldwide and today LS Retail has been installed by 4 000 companies with 60 000 stores operating 150 000 POS terminals worldwide.LSR_top_rgb_pos

LS Retail supports all aspects of an international operation with multi language, multi-currency and provides support for all required localizations.

LS Retail point of sale system offers features that make sales transactions easy to set up, manage and process for any retail or restaurant business. LS Retail offers a fast, dependable and powerful POS application with a graphic user interface, working online or offline for optimal resilience with the online benefits in place at all times.

Microsoft Dynamics completes the Cenium ‘All-in-One’ solution. Microsoft and Cenium have worked closely together for more than 15 years to bring our customers superior back-office capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics is one of the world leading ERP solutions with more than 150 000 deployments in all parts of the world.

Microsoft Dynamics supports all aspects of an international operation with multi language, multi-currency and provides support for required localizations. Microsoft Dynamics is a software that allows hospitality companies of all sizes to manage their entire business organizations, including financials, supply chain, procurement, human resources and projects.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft. The solution focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Service (help desk) sectors, and can be used to improve your communication and marketing towards your guests.

Cenium takes advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics platform and brings our customers a complete solution to run your hospitality business.