Before we can start using the Cenium Hospitality ERP Connector a connection to Cenium Core needs to be established and property setup need to be finished.

Business Central setup

In addition to some G/L accounts that need to be setup in Business Central, the system needs to have:

Technical setup

To See
Establish a connection to endpoints Endpoint setup page
Configure and link a Cenium Core property to the general ledger Property setup page

Property setup

To See
Activate and configure financial statement import Property setup page
Activate and configure sales document import Property setup page
Re-route Cenium Core accounts Statement account mapping page
Use Cenium Core dimensions when posting to the general ledger Map external dimensions page

Master Data

How to enable synchronization of customers, contacts, items and currency exchange rates to Cenium Core.

To See
Enable and configure item synchronization for endpoint Item setup page
Enable and configure customer synchronization for endpoint Endpoint setup page
Enable and configure contact synchronization for endpoint Endpoint setup page
Enable and configure currency exchange rate synchronization for endpoint Currency setup page
Activate Change log tracking General Setup
Activate master data synchronization General Setup
Use customer template when creating customers Customer templates