Map external dimensions

Use this page to map Cenium Core dimensions to Business Central dimensions.

Map external dimensions page

Field Description
External dimension name Enter the Cenium Core dimension name you wish to map. You can ask the system to scan already imported statements to discover external dimensions.
Map to dimension Click drilldown and select a Business Central dimensions to map to.
Skip auto-create dimension Best practices is to leave this field off to automatically generate the dimension values during import of statements. If you choose to turn this feature on, you must manually map the dimension values.
Use as external doc. no. Turn this feature on and this dimension value will be used as the External doc. no. in the financial posts.
Apply to income accounts Turn this on to apply the dimension value to income accounts.
Apply to balance accounts Turn this on to apply the dimension value to balance accounts.

[!NOTE] To avoid having to use the Skip auto-create dimension feature you must make sure that the dimension values configured in Cenium Core do not exceed the 20 character length limitation in Business Central.