Customer template

Use this page to create rules that the system can apply when creating a customer account while importing sales documents.

Setup Customer Template

Field Description
Contact type Contact type as assigned in Cenium Core.
Foreign country code Rule line used for foreign country codes that do not have their own rule line.
Country code Country code as assigned in Cenium Core.
Customer templ. type Drilldown to select which template type to use. The standard option uses the Customer template, which has traditionally been used when creating customers from a contact. With Business Central the Configuration template was introduced. Use the standard option if it meets all your requirements.
Customer templ. code Drilldown to select a template code.

If the Cenium Core master contact has been assigned a template, the system will search for a matching customer template in Business Central. The system searches for a matching template both in the Business Central Customer template and the Configuration template.

If no template has been assigned to the Cenium Core master contact the system will use the Contact type and the Country code fields to select a rule line. If there is no match, the rule line where the Foreign country code is ticked off, Contact types match, and the customer Country code is not the same as Country/Region Code in the Company information page.