Working with sales documents


Cenium Core sales documents are used for the account receivables, they neither post revenue nor tax, because that is done daily in the night audit process in Cenium Core and imported in the statement process.

The statement process in Cenium Core will post an invoice that is settled to account receivables to a clearing account in the G/L, which the Invoice Posting process will close and post to the correct customer account.

Importing can be done automatically in a job queue or manually from the Process action on the Role Center.

Working with Sales Documents

Alternatively search for Get & Post.

Search for Get & Post

Select Get & Post Invoices to open a the import dialog.

Get & Post invoices

Setting Description
Skip Posting Invoices Turn this option on to skip posting the invoices.
Code Drilldown to select a property code to import invoices for or leave blank for all.

Invoice types

The sales document types that are generated in Cenium Core can be grouped into 3 main categories, Payments, Invoices and Receipts:

Invoice category Invoice type Comment
Payment Payment receipt These documents are for payments only. The transactions linked to this category are posted in the statement import. These documents are imported into Business Central for information only.
Refund This document is generated when a payment is refunded and only posted in the statement import
Invoice Debit Invoice This document is generated when the Invoice option is used in Cenium Core. It is posted to a customer account in Business Central.
Credit invoice This document is generated when an Cenium Core Invoice is credited.
Owner Debit Invoice This document is used to pay the homeowners when someone rents their units.
Owner Credit Invoice This document is used to credit a Owner Debit Invoice
Commission Debit Invoice This document is used to pay the agent based on the aggregated commissions generated by the commission templates.
Commission Credit Invoice This document is used to credit a Commission Debit Invoice
Receipt Receipt This document is generated when a guest folio is settled in Cenium Core
Credit Receipt Posted in statement and invoice import

[!NOTE] Make sure that each Invoice type is configured to have a unique number series in Cenium Core.


A Cenium Core invoice is always posted to a customer account and the posting will fail if the customer account does not exists in Business Central. This can be avoided by setting the system to auto-generate customer accounts when importing invoices. Then a Customer template must exist to define a posting setup to apply. More about using customer templates. This feature only applies to sales documents that are of the Cenium Core invoice type Debit/Credit invoice.

Owner debit/credit and Commission debit/credit documents expect a vendor account to exist.


Invoice type Receipt/Credit Receipt post to a Cash customer account. This is to create a record in the A/R so the document is searchable Business Central. The revenue, tax and payments are posted in the Statement process.


Invoice types Payment receipt, Refund and Void are only imported to Business Central not posted. The payments are posted in the Statement process.

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