Invoice batch

Each time Sales Documents (Invoices) are imported from Cenium Core it is done in a batch and stored in staging tables.

Invoice batch lines

To open the Invoice batch overview from the Role Center select Process->Invoice Batch. Role Center Process Invoice Batch

You are presented with an overview of all imported Invoice batches.

Invoice Batch Lines

The actions provided on the Invoice batch page can be used to:

To Description
Open the Get & Post dialog Press New and select Get & Post
Delete Invoice batch Press Delete. A batch can only deleted if it has no invoices linked to it.
Post a Batch Press Process and select Post Batch Invoices. This is used if a batch was only imported or an error occurred during posting.
Find entries Press Navigate and select Invoice G/L Register.
View documents in a batch Double click on a batch line or use the line selector

Invoice batch header

To view the batch details double click on a batch line or use the line selector.

Invoice batch line selector

The general tab provides information about who and when the batch was imported, batch totals and actions that act on all the invoices in the batch.

Invoice batch

The Batch Invoices tab list each invoice that belongs to the batch and actions that act on a selection of invoices.