Working with statements


Statements contain all revenue, tax, discount and payment transactions generated in Cenium Core.

Importing can be done automatically in a job queue or manually:

Get Statement

Select Get & Post Statement to open the import dialog.

Get & Post Statement

Setting Description
Statement type Drilldown to select the statement type to import. More about Statement Types.
Skip posting statement Turn this option on to only import a statement.
Get Single statement If not set then all posted statements in Cenium Core will be imported.
Code Drilldown to select a property code to import from or leave blank for all properties.

Statement overview

Click on one of the statement tiles or search for Statement in the search box to open the Statement Overview. An imported statement is stored in staging tables in Cenium Hospitality ERP Connector. Here you can find postings per G/L account, dimensions as well as the detailed transactions as they are recorded in Cenium Core.

Statement Overview

To Description
Import next Statement Click on New and choose Get & Post Statements
Post a Statement Click on Process and choose Post Statement. This action is only available for statements that are not posted.
Discover Dimensions Every transaction in Cenium Core is tagged with a dimension and a dimension value. To use an external dimension it must be mapped to a valid Business Central dimension. The "Discover Dimensions" action can be used to automatically add the external dimensions that have already been imported in the statement process to the Map External Dimensions page.
Find statement related entries Click on Navigate and choose Navigate.
View statement G/L Register Click on Navigate and choose G/L Register.
View statement grouping Click on Navigate and choose Statement Groups
Delete a statement Click on Related and select Delete statement.