Cenium Sales & Catering

Sales process

  • Opportunity Management
  • Creation of Group from Opportunities
  • Storing of Financial Quotes for Reporting
  • Storage of all documents 

Event management

  • Function Room Overview with daily – weekly – monthly breakdown
  • Configure Function Rooms with individual setup and tear down times
  • Supports Multiple Layout configuration
  • Picture display of room configuration 
  • Unlimited number of price plans for Function Rooms 
  • Support “Best Available Rate” selling for Function Rooms and other Resources and Services
  • Access Groups and Events from Overview
  • Fast booking with configurable Conference Templates. 
  • Event management with BEO creation
  • Event copy functions. 
  • Booking copy function
  • Graphical view for selection of Menu for Event
  • Supports Invoicing through POS or Folio
  • BEO Management with version capabilities 
  • Quick BEO option 
  • Store documents such as Word, Outlook, Excel in each Event  
  • Reports for operation and management 
  • Supports multi choice menus in Events 
  • Configurable catering packages
  • Configurable audio/resource packages
  • Trigger based task creation on Conference 
  • Trigger based task creation on Events
  • Change tracking on BEO 
  • User configurable statuses