Cenium PMS


  • House information such as Arrivals, Departures and In-House
  • Graphical Tape Chart
  • Graphical View of Room Status

Room management

  • Room Types
  • User Defined Room Features
  • Suite Management
  • Location Categories such as Building, Wing & Floor 
  • Image library

Rate and Inventory Management

  • Graphical views of Rates
  • Graphical view of Inventory by Room Type
  • Yield buckets
  • Yield bucket restrictions 
  • Dynamic rate groups
  • Dynamic rate level
  • Price list 
  • Customer discount
  • Promotions
  • Deposit Rules
  • Cancellation Rules
  • Configure overbooking by Room Type or Property Level
  • Ability to set restrictions on Room Types and Rates 
  • Manage Restrictions on Rate Yield Bucket
  • Manage Customer Discounts by Property
  • Manage Customer Discounts by Accommodation, Activity, Item and Package.
  • Manage pricing for Accommodation, Activities, Items and Package
  • Tax and VAT configuration


  • Comprehensive Room Management with search options for guest requests
  • Advance Deposit Management
  • Advance Package Handling 
  • Allotment with automatic release
  • Easy process for walk-in reservations
  • Comprehensive house status
  • Upsell functionality based on room and rate
  • Share reservations
  • Easy management of transient groups
  • Cancellation policy with automatic posting of cancellation fee

Check in

  • Check In with automatic room allocation
  • Shares with multiple rate split options
  • Credit Card Integration for Authorizations and Payment

Check out / billing

  • Comprehensive Billing instructions for reservations and groups
  • Advance Folio to Post all nights for advance billing
  • Non-guest folios
  • Multi Payment Checkout
  • Agent Cash-out with detailed reporting 
  • User defined posting of early departure charges 
  • Unlimited number of folios per guest

Group management

  • Group Blocking per Room Type
  • Group Pricing per Room Type
  • Allows Special Rates for Pre & Post Dates without extending Group Block
  • Auto Assign Rooms for Group Reservations
  • Group Express Check in 
  • Group Express Checkout  
  • Group Routing of Charges
  • Handles group reservations with and without blocking

Housekeeping management

  • Points system for allocation of rooms to stations
  • Cleaning plan management with automatic allocation to housekeeping stations
  • Cleaning plan management with load balancing during allocation process
  • Drag and drop planning
  • Station management
  • Attendant management
  • Inspection management
  • Service templates allow contacts to have different housekeeping services
  • Lost & Found 
  • Minibar refill list
  • Minibar transaction posting
  • Mobile support for housekeeping functions

Guest service management

  • Task templates for fast registration of guest request
  • Task creation & assignment
  • Task reporting & completion
  • Task Escalation Process
  • Fulfillment owner
  • Tasks are stored against Reservation and Guest


  • HPOS for easy posting of passer by guests or direct sales
  • Setup to determine what items to be sold/posted in POS
  • Setup for button colors, fonts, and size
  • Supports multiple payment methods (cash, credit card, room charge)