Cenium Analytics

Cenium Analytics provides a business lens into the operational data so that users get a real-time, actionable and robust view over the entirety of the business with the flexibility of personalizing the reports and dashboards to quickly extract the insights that help you succeed.


  • Access to Key Metrics with comparison to previous year, budget & forecast
  • Filter using any time period or dimension (property, market segment, tour operator e.t.c)
  • Personalize or create new dashboards to focus on relevant insights
  • Drill down from overview to details
  • Interactive dashboards to get quick insights into business
  • Export to take your data anywhere

In Cenium Analytics, we source data from all hotels & resorts in your chain and combine it into a standardized and flexible data access layer (Cenium Datawarehouse or CDW). The CDW can be used to integrate to 3rd party systems but also serves as a medium to drive our analytics.

This data is contextualized in the Cenium Analytical Model (CAM) to determine dimensions, measures, hierarchies and relationships that allow you to query your data without knowledge of the data structures to gain valuable insights. Key business metrics such as TRevPAR, RevPAR, RevPOR, ADR, Occupancy and others are easily available to inspect by region, property, market segment, channel and drill all the way down to individual customers. All key metrics are compared to the previous year as standard but this can be extended to compare to budget or forecast. Users can connect to CAM using several industry standard tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau e.t.c to provide a truly Bring-Your-Own-BI experience.

The presentation is powered by Microsoft Power BI because we do not believe in reinventing the wheel and instead focus on providing value from data.

Deployment options are flexible with on-premise and cloud offerings.