Cenium UX Housekeeping

Streamline the housekeeping work schedules for Housekeepung Agents and Managers

Cenium UX Housekeeping manage and streamline all the Housekeeping tasks at a property in the most effective and efficient manner. The Manager has more control over the services as they can plan and view status updates online, real-time. The housekeeping Agents can report their work in progress instantly from an app on their smartphones or tablet. Also, the Front Desk Staff get immediate notification about available rooms, allowing them to create faster bookings without interrupting housekeeping workflows.

Configuration is done in the Cenium Hospitality PMS module, where entities such as property, contracts, room types etc are used to set up the best possible and flexible cleaning templates.

Cenium UX Housekeeping is HTML-based, meaning it can run on any web browser, on any device, desktop PC, laptop or tablet.


  • Dedicated management screen to assist managers in the making of  key decisions
  • Mobile app available through web browser makes life easy for both attendants and inspectors
  • Drag and drop interface that allows to assign rooms easy and quick
  • Direct updates from and for reservations
  • Lost and Found feature, schedule maintenance jobs
  • Flexible algorithms for assigning rooms and jobs
  • A comprehensive process for planning the future work of housekeepers
Easy to use app for Housekeeping Agents
Flexible Staff Planning
Simple and Real Time Room Overview
Today´s Workplan for Housekeeping Managers


  • Cenium Core Hospitality PMS Product license, on-premise or cloud hosted
  • Internet Access and Internet browser
  • Mobile phone og tablets for Agents to access the app when working

How it works

Cenium UX Houseeping is configured and set up in the Cenium PMS module. Two applications are available, one for the Managers and one for the Agents