Welcome to Cenium. Cenium has over the past 15 years grown from a local Scandinavian hospitality provider to a strong global provider with offices in Oslo and Chicago and a partner network to serve our customers locally.

We at Cenium have made some bold product decisions – we have introduced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) into the hospitality market and combined with our focus on cross-departmental operational excellence, we set ourselves apart from other vendors in the hospitality vertical.

You might ask yourself the relevance of ERP in the Hospitality market. ERP has been used in other industries for many years and has grown to be a mature international standard for handling all business needs within Finance, Asset Management, CRM, Inventory Management, Procurement Management, Project Management and Human Resources within ONE integrated solution. Most of our customers came from an architecture where most of these capabilities were delivered from different vendors, in different technologies and different user interfaces. With Cenium we combine the power of an integrated ERP platform with all your core hospitality needs.

Cenium’s goal is to deliver solutions for all core hospitality business processes needed for small boutique hotels, business hotels, conference hotels and resorts, regardless if you operate as an independent property or a chain.  For Cenium, our Power of One statement is defining our drive to provide hoteliers with a completely integrated solution without a myriad of interfaces and multiple systems to support and maintain.

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